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wave 5

Sunday, May 7 @ Anthology Film Archives

Tickets here

LANA  (Susan Youssef, 4 min)

As If No Misfortune Had Occurred in the Night  (Søren Lind & Larissa Sansour, 21 min)

one emerging from a point of view  (Wu Tsang, 43 min)

Tous les jours de mai  (Miryam Charles, 7 min)

A Woman Escapes  (Sofia Bohdanowicz, Burak Çevik, Blake Williams, Real3D, 81min)

NYC RGB  (Viktoria Schmid, 5 min)

Only If You Could See a View Above the Clouds  (Zhuoyun Chen, 16mm, 4 min)

M*U*S*H  (Jodie Mack, 16mm, 8 min)

Crashing Waves  (Lucy Kerr, 19 min)

Site of Passage  (Lucy Kerr, 7 min)

Followed by a Q&A

Theta  (Lawrence Lek, 12 min)

Glossary of Non-Human Love  (Ashish Avikunthak, 96 min)

Followed by a Q&A

The Miracle on George Green  (Onyeka Igwe, 12 min)

No Stranger At All  (Priya Sen, 40 min)

Yaangna Plays Itself  (Adam Piron, 8 min)

Waterfall  (Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, 16mm, 17 min)

Dans les cieux et sur la terre  (Erin Weisgerber, 35mm, 12 min)

Daron, Daron Colbert  (Kevin Steen, 35mm, 14 min)

Coalfields  (Bill Brand, 16mm, 38 min) 

Followed by a Q&A

What Are the Wild Waves Saying?  (Declan Clarke, 72 min)

closing presentation

scènes de ménage (trilogy)

I (Alexandre Larose, 35mm, 13 min)

II (Alexandre Larose, 35mm, 15 min)

III (Alexandre Larose, 35mm, 12 min)

Followed by a Q&A

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