wave 4

through the flowering fields of the sea


Bodies In Dissent

Ufuoma Essi, 2021, 6 minutes

Bodies In Dissent by Ufuoma Essi is an exploration of the body as a central site of remembrance and resistance. Exploring ideas around 'bodily insurgency' and using the body as an archive, as a point of return, a position of refusal, a broker between transgenerational life and histories, past, present and future.

Make Sure the

Sea is Still There

Gloria Chung, 2021, 8 minutes

My projects often come about from traveling, which was not possible in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, I attempted to travel vicariously through the webcams of the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, capturing screenshots on my phone and editing them with videos I had recorded during the pandemic and on previous trips to Iceland. I found time and landscapes moving strangely, if at all—seeming to mirror our new reality of sudden isolation, tragedy, and the utter unknown.

Home in the Woods

Brandon Wilson, 2020, 96 minutes

Baby spiders take their first wobbly steps. Human hands work in the garden. Waterfalls get tangled up in space and time. Home In The Woods is an immersive portrait of a place viewed from different perspectives and scales. A contemplation of the cycles, patterns and relationships that exist in the forest near the filmmaker's home. Filmed over the course of two years in Marion Country, Oregon.

Learning About Flowers And Their Seeds

Emily Apter & Annie Horner, 2020, 4 minutes

Found footage educational videos and Super 8 of Vermont forests combine into a landscape film (of sorts), reflecting on the digital and analogue technologies that mediate images of nature.

Back Yard

Arlin Golden, 2020, 7 minutes

When I moved into a new home I found myself spending a lot of time in the back yard. I quickly learned my neighbor enjoyed spending time in his yard too.

Drawn & Quartered

Lynne Sachs, 1986, 4 minutes

Optically printed images of a man and a woman fragmented by a film frame that is divided into four distinct sections. An experiment in form/content relationships that are peculiar to the medium


Ryan Marino, 2020, 5 minutes

Traversing the darkness and emerging into the light.

hold -- fuel --

when -- burning

dd. chu, 2020, 11 minutes

On the corner of Avenue A and East 13th Street in New York City, during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, life is filtered and newly observed through the open steel gratings of a fire escape.

Look Then Below

Ben Rivers, 2019, 22 minutes

A surreal sub-zero plunge from the master of speculative ethnography.

In Our Nature

Sara Leavitt, 2019, 3 minutes

Inspired by D.A. Pennebaker's DAYBREAK EXPRESS, the film takes the viewer on a road trip that encompasses quiet, rural back roads and swimming holes to the kaleidoscope center of New York.

By Way of Canarsie

Lesley Steele & Emily Packer, 2019, 14 minutes

A wandering portrait of an oft-neglected shoreline community, By Way of Canarsie imagines possible futures at odds with a peaceful present. Through brief encounters, observational mise-en-scene, and expressive use of analog film, we begin to understand this predominantly black New York City neighborhood’s shared desires for recognition and respect. As some community members advocate for a commuter ferry at the local pier, others reflect on the current use of natural resources, the indigenous history, and the impending environmental concerns that encompass Canarsie’s relationship with the water as it exists today. The competing futures for Canarsie Pier present complications about how and for whom this public space serves.

The Aquarium

Paweł Wojtasik, 2006, 22 minutes

Filmed primarily in Alaska, The Aquarium contrasts the openness of the primeval Arctic landscape with the entrapment of captured sea mammals in aquariums. It speaks of the progressive destruction of these animals’ habitat, seeing beyond the alluring spectacle.

A Slight Wrinkle in the Strata

Ryan Clancy, 2021, 29 minutes

A 1904 geological survey owed the presence of iron-bearing rocks deep under the Mesabi Range to "a slight wrinkle in the strata." The abandoned open-pit mines that once produced a majority of America's iron-ore now alter the northern Minnesota landscape as vast, water-filled craters. Oral histories, landscapes and observations of daily life are layered to create a portrait of a community existing in this post-extraction economy.

End of the Season

Jason Evans, 2020, 13 minutes

A group of matsutake mushroom hunters search for rare subterranean treasures in the high desert of Oregon’s Cascade mountain range. A short documetary that considers nature, consumption, labor, displacement, and temporary shelter.